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HRM application papers:

Simultaneous mutation scanning and genotyping by high-resolution DNA melting analysis.
Montgomery J, Wittwer CT, Palais R, Zhou L.
Nat Protoc. 2007; 2(1): 59-66

Closed-tube genotyping of apolipoprotein E by isolated-probe PCR with multiple unlabeled probes and high-resolution DNA melting analysis.
Poulson MD, Wittwer CT.
Biotechniques. 2007 Jul;43(1):87-91.

Oligonucleotide melting temperatures under PCR conditions: nearest-neighbor corrections for Mg(2+), deoxynucleotide triphosphate, and dimethyl sulfoxide concentrations with comparison to alternative empirical formulas.
von Ahsen N, Wittwer CT, Schütz E.
Clin Chem. 2001 Nov;47(11):1956-61.

In-tube DNA methylation profiling by fluorescence melting curve analysis.
Worm J, Aggerholm A, Guldberg P.
Clin Chem. 2001;47(7):1183-9.

MethylScreen: DNA methylation density monitoring using quantitative PCR.
Holemon H, Korshunova Y, Ordway JM, Bedell JA, Citek RW, Lakey N, Leon J, Finney
M, McPherson JD, Jeddeloh JA.
Biotechniques. 2007 Nov;43(5):683-93.

Development of an affordable, sensitive and rapid screening method for mutation detection in UK FH subjects.
Christina Hubbart, Ros Whittall, Marileia Scartezini and Steve E. Humphries
Atherosclerosis, Volume 194, Issue 1, September 2007, Page 281

High resolution melting for mutation scanning of TP53 exons 5-8.
Michael Krypuy, Ahmed Ashour Ahmed, Dariush Etemadmoghadam, Sarah J Hyland, Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group, Anna deFazio, Stephen B Fox, James D Brenton, David D Bowtell and Alexander Dobrovic
BMC Cancer 2007, 7:168

High Resolution Melting Analysis for the Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Mutations in Clinical Samples: KRAS Codon 12 and 13 Mutations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
Michael Krypuy, Genni M Newnham, David M Thomas, Matthew Conron and Alexander Dobrovic
BMC Cancer 2006, 6:295

BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Screening Using SmartCycler II High-Resolution Melt Curve Analysis.
Scott D. Dufresne, MD; Dorothy R. Belloni, BS; Wendy A. Wells, MD; Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD
Arch Pathol Lab Med Vol 130, 2006, 185-187

Detection of Factor VIII Gene Mutations by High-Resolution Melting Analysis.
Andrew D. Laurie, Mark P. Smith, and Peter M. George
Clinical Chemistry 53, No. 12, 2007

A rapid high-throughput method for the detection and quantification of RNA editing based on high-resolution melting of amplicons.
Anne-Laure Chateigner-Boutin and Ian Small
Nucleic Acids Research, 2007, Vol. 35, No. 17 e114

High-resolution melting assay for the detection of gyrA mutations causing quinolone resistance in Salmonella enterica serovars Typhi and Paratyphi.
Robert Slinger, Deana Bellfoya, Marc Desjardins and Francis Chana
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease,  Volume 57 (4) 2007: 455-458

High-resolution DNA melting analysis for simple and efficient molecular diagnostics.
Reed GH, Kent JO, Wittwer CT
Pharmacogenomics. 2007 8(6): 597-608

Sensitivity and specificity of single-nucleotide polymorphism scanning by high-resolution melting analysis.
Reed GH, Wittwer CT.
Clin Chem. 2004 50(10): 1748-1754

High-resolution genotyping by amplicon melting analysis using LCGreen.
Wittwer CT, Reed GH, Gundry CN, Vandersteen JG, Pryor RJ.
Clin Chem. 2003 49(6 Pt 1): 853-860

Amplicon melting analysis with labeled primers: a closed-tube method for differentiating homozygotes and heterozygotes.
Gundry CN, Vandersteen JG, Reed GH, Pryor RJ, Chen J, Wittwer CT.
Clin Chem. 2003 49(3): 396-406.

Identifying Common Genetic Variants by High-Resolution Melting.
Joshua G. Vandersteen, Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir, Robert A. Palais, and Carl T. Wittwer
Clinical Chemistry 53:7 1191–1198 (2007)

Scanning the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Gene Using High-Resolution DNA Melting Analysis.
Jesse Montgomery, Carl T. Wittwer, Jana O. Kent, and Luming Zhou Zhou
Clinical Chemistry 53:11 1891–1898 (2007)

Masking Selected Sequence Variation by Incorporating Mismatches Into Melting Analysis Probes.
Rebecca L. Margraf, Rong Mao, and Carl T. Wittwer
HUMAN MUTATION 27(3), 269-278, 2006

Quantitative heteroduplex analysis for single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping.
Robert A. Palais, Michael A. Liew, Carl T. Wittwer
Anal Biochem. 2005 346(1): 167-175

Closed-Tube Genotyping with Unlabeled Oligonucleotide Probes and a Saturating DNA Dye.
Luming Zhou, Alexander N. Myers, Joshua G. Vandersteen, Lesi Wang, and Carl T. Wittwer
Clinical Chemistry 50:8 1328–1335 (2004)

High-resolution DNA melting curve analysis to establish HLA genotypic identity.
L. Zhou, J. Vandersteen, L. Wang, T. Fuller, M. Taylor, B. Palais, C.T. Wittwer
Tissue Antigens 2004: 64: 156–164

Real-time fluorescence genotyping of factor V Leiden during rapid-cycle PCR.
Marla J. Lay and Carl T. Wittwer
Clinical Chemistry 43:12 2262–2267 (1997)

Methylation-Sensitive High-Resolution Melting-Curve Analysis of the SNRPN Gene as a Diagnostic Screen for Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndromes.
Helen E White, Victoria J Hall and Nicholas C.P. Cross
Clinical Chemistry 52, No. 11, 2007

Classification of Mycoplasma Synoviae Strains Using Single-Stranded Conformation Polymorphism and High-Resolution Melting-Curve Analysis of the vlhA Gene Single-Copy Region.
Nathan N Jeffrey, Robin B Gasser, Penelope A Steer and Amir H Noormohammadi
Microbiology (2007), 153, 2679-2688

Factor V Leiden (G1691A) and Prothrombin (G20210A) Genotyping by High Resolution Melt Analysis (HRM) and Syto9 Flourescent Dye on the Rotor-Gene 6000 HRM device.
Ameziane N, Bogard M, Lamoril J, Bouizegareene P, Gourlin N, Kaiser T, Erba G, Tchernitchkou D, Trichet C, Guiet P and Herve C
Poster presented at XXIst Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis. Geneva 2007

Methylation-Sensitive High Resolution Melting (MS-HRM): A New Approach for Sensitive and High-Throughput Assessment of Methylation.
Tomasz K Wojdacz and Alexander Dobrovic
Nucleic Acids Research, 2007 Vol. 35, No. 6 e41

High-Resolution DNA Melt Curve Analysis of the Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short-Palindromic-Repeat Locus of Campylobacter jejuni
Erin P. Price, Helen Smith, Flavia Huygens, and Philip M. Giffard
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2007, p.1-2 Vol. 73 (10)

Use of DNA Melting Simulation Software for In-Silico Diagnostic Assay Design: Targeting Regions with Complex Melting Curves and Confirmation by Real-Time PCR Using Intercalating Dyes.
John P Rasmussen, Christopher P Saint and Paul T Monis
BMC Bioinformatics, 2007, 8:107

Genotyping of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms by High Resolution Melting of Small Amplicons.
Michael Liew, Robert Pryor, Robert Palais, Cindy Meadows, Maria Erali, Elaine Lyon and Carl Wittwer
Clinical Chemistry 50: 1156-1164, 2004

Amplicon DNA Melting Analysis for Mutation Scanning and Genotyping: Cross-Platform Comparison of Instruments and Dyes.
Mark G Herrmann, Jacob D Durtschi, L. Kathryn Bromley, Carl T Wittwer and Karl V. Voelkerding
Clinical Chemistry 52:3 494-503 (2006)

Expanded Instrument Comparison of Amplicon DNA Melting Analysis for Mutation Scanning and Genotyping.
Mark G Herrmann, Jacob D Durtschi, Carl T Wittwer, Karl V Voelkerding
Clinical Chemistry 53, No. 8, 2007

Instrument Comparison for Heterozygote Scanning of Single and Double Heterozygotes: A Correction and Extension.
Mark G Herrmann, Jacob D Durtschi, L. Kathryn Bromley, Carl T Wittwer and Karl V Voelkerding
Clinical Chemistry 53:150-152, 2007

Further literature and references by Roche Applied Science:

Application Manuals and Technical Guidelines:
LightCycler® 480 Technical Note No. 1: "High Resolution Melting: Optimization Strategies" (12 pages)
Enables HRM users to successfully set up and carry out mutation scanning experiments
Copy available for download => LC480-Technical-Note-01-HRM.pdf